Careers In The Marketplace

Sales Associates  Anywhere in the USA

We are looking for sales people to signup new vendors and get a commission from the vendors that they signup! So the sky is the limit! This is a commission only position, if interested, please contact us asap! You can knock on doors or work behind your computer from home at your convenience to get us vendors, however you want to work! The harder you work, the more money you will make!

How it works is basically you talk to a company or person to get them to sign up to sell their products in our marketplace and when their products sell you get a commission from the sale! So if you sign up a few people that are selling a lot of items, you can make a good steady income!

No experience required, just the drive to make a lot of money!   We will email you instructions on what to say, anyone, any business no matter how small or how large can be your customer! If you work out and are very successful at it, you can become a sales manager in your area, by hiring sales people to work for you and you earn a commission from what they make!