FAQ For Marketplace Auctions

We Will Be Adding More FAQ’s Here Shortly

  1. Marketplace.Bargains is a marketplace to buy and sell, auction, new or used items, combining the strengths of Amazon.com and Ebay.com
  2. The only section of our site where you can find used items is in our marketplace auction, you can buy now used items or bid on used items there and of course there are new items in our auctions.
  3. Our Auctions will run similar to Ebay.com of course not as extensive but if you are familiar how ebay works, our auctions run the same way. 
  4. We do offer reverse auctions besides regular auctions.
  5. To See Marketplace.Bargains Fee’s Vs Amazon Fee’s – Click Here
  6. To See Marketplace.Bargains Fee’s Vs Ebay’s Fees – Click Here
  7. Each vendor or store owner has their own policies, regarding their products they sell or auction, their own shipping policy and their own return policy. That may change in the future to make it standard for the whole marketplace to be on the same page. But for now, you are your own boss!
  8. To become a vendor or store owner (same thing) to sell in our auction you must register to become a vendor by clicking here for our vendor registration sign up page.
  9. Vendors can sell products in their own store or put them up for auction too, it does not matter!
  10. When you register, you must fill out every line, you must put  your name, address, telephone number, email, your current url if any, the username you want, store name and store url that you want for this marketplace. If any of your info is offensive, your application will be deleted and not reconsidered again!
  11. Currently we are only taking US residents but in the near future, we will be opening up internationally to other countries.
  12. When you fill out the registration form, there is a line that says, Choose subscription pack, click on the line below, that will give you a choice of 3 subscription packs that we offer, free trial, monthly or our annual plan. Each subscription will be explained below. We reserve the right to change any of the subscriptions at any time!
  13. Our Only Fee besides the subscription fee is 8% on anything you sell either by buy it now or final value fee when selling your item in an auction or in your store. This fee may change at anytime & we reserve the right to change it at any time with notice to you. Their are no other fee’s! Eventually we may have different fee’s for different product categories and we are open to discussion about that with you!
  14. When you make a sale, automatically we get our 8% commission fee, you will have to pay Paypal  or Stripe 2.9% fee  plus .30 cents transaction fee. If we use Stripe credit card processing it takes a week for them to send us the money! But for now we have decided to hold your commission for a month to make sure there are no disputes or returns then your money will be transferred to you. This policy may change in the future, we have to see how this goes.
  15. Once you pay for your subscription or signup for the free trial, please give us 24-48 hours to review your information and to approve you as a vendor in our marketplace. You should get an email from us, stating you have been approved, if you do not her from us, please contact us and we will look in to it.
  16. Once you are approved as a vendor in our marketplace, you can start creating your own store, add your own products either individually or by CSV import. We suggest in the beginning if you use csv import start with 50 products at a time, then work your way up to 100 at a time and so on, if you add to many at once your store may go down! In your csv file you can put some products in the auction & some in your store, it doesn’t matter how you do it!
  17. You will have your own vendor dashboard, which when first setting up your store, just go right down the list of options and fill out everything as thoroughly as possible. You can add your own store banner, logo etc.. Currently we allowing you to add your own company url and social media links to your store, which many other marketplaces like Ebay.com and Amazon.com disallow. We are basically letting you advertise your own website in our marketplace and in return, we expect a reciprocal link back to Marketplace.Bargains too! If we do not see a link back, we will reject you as a vendor. We will see how this goes and if we need to change that policy, we will but for now, it is ok!
  18. We are sure some of you are going to have questions on setting up your stores, auctions and selling here, we have setup a sellers ticket for you to fill out and we will respond back to you with any help we can give you. It really is easy to setup your own store, just go down the list, its easy!!!
  19. If you signed up for the free trial subscription for listing 30 products, and you decided you want the monthly unlimited or annual unlimited product subscription, you can upgrade your subscription package from your sellers/vendors dashboard.
  20. In the near future, we will be creating either a pdf vendors manual or a more intensive online how to sell in our marketplace course. 
  21. Each store is required to post their information for our customers to contact including phone number, email, address or if just online store then city and state.
  22. If you try opening multiple free trial accounts, we will find out!  When we do, you will be permanently banned from our marketplace!
  23. If a dispute arises between the customer and the vendor, please try and settle the dispute among yourselves. If there can be no agreement between the two parties, notify our management team here and we will make the final and binding decision on the dispute. Each party has to abide by our managements decision on the dispute.
  24. Remember, customers can give you reviews right on your store page, so please always give the best customer service to the customers!!!
  25. Once your store is ready to go, it will be listed here; Store List
  26. Also all your products will be listed in our shop, which is basically a giant shopping mall!
  27. If you do not see a product category or your brand listed, please contact us through sellers support so we can add them for you right away, in the beginning, we may not have all the categories & brands listed for you to post in, so you must contact us asap, so we can get that done for you right away!
  28. If you have any other questions, please contact us using our contact form.