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Hape White Fridge-freezer

$119.99 $89.94
Make a refreshing cool drink with ice-cubes from the White Fridge-freezer?s ice machine!

Hape Happy Pink Grand Piano

$134.99 $99.94
Happy Grand Piano produces grand sound to accompany its grand appearance

Hape Playful Piano

$71.99 $59.94
Make musical patterns and let your child imitate them. Learn the notes to simple songs and sing along. Listen to all kinds of music and talk about the instruments that make it.

Hape High Seas Rocker

$89.99 $69.94
Sit on the boat deck, grab the handles, and rock back and forth like you're on the rolling waves of the ocean. Imagine you?re on a high seas adventure!

Hape Scoot-Around

$71.99 $56.94
Encourage lots of short rides to develop muscle strength and balance. As your child gains more power and confidence, increase the wheel time and distance.